August 12, 2019


01) We don’t care too much for money cuz money can’t buy us love!

02) The biggest mistake you can make, is NEVER being wrong!

03) we can’t save EVERYONE, but each one of us can save ONE person!

04) like DAY & NIGHT, there is an equal amount of GOOD in everything BAD that happens!

05). You think YOU have problems? Think of me writing these tiny notes on little pieces of paper for a living!

06) Sorry, I can’t give you any good advice. I’m just a little piece of paper!

07). I may write slow, but I get twice as much done because everything I write has a DOUBLE meaning!

08) Put that in your PIPE and smoke it!

08) HELP! I was smoking a joint with a friend and we ended up in THAILAND!

09) A DROWNING man can’t save another, but a 100 can save a thousand!

10) It’s ok Ma! I’m only bleeding!

11) I too have seen….


12) Never ruin a good apology with a bad excuse!

13) If you think small you will be small, but if you think big, you will be big!

14) Your cares will soon disappear, like a puff of smoke in the wind!

15) Do the worst firs, and the rest will be easy!

16) I am a certified PHD…. (Poor, Hungry, and Driven)!